Last day

We are headed to Cleveland from Denver! Smooth sailing today!
imageLanded safely in Denver at 10:15am MSTimage


Day 5: Impressions


Upper body workout following the afternoon workout.


Last night in Colorado Springs.


Even Michael Phelps sometimes pulls on the lane line.


Allison Schmidt giving us a wave


Olympic rings with the full team!



In the OTC weight room, full team.


OTC Entry



6:30am MST: Last morning practice

Day 3: Learning


Team discussing nutrition after a great afternoon swim workout that included individual video taping.






Working on the importance of using race stats this morning with Scott Colby from USA Swimming after an early OTC4morning swim practice, light weight workout, and breakfast.

Day 2: Resiliency

9:00pm EST: Swimmers and coaches are all either at the OTC or en route.  It has been a lesson in resiliency. Everyone has done great!imageimage


2:00pm EST: We made it to Denver, but missed our connection to CS.  We are being transported this afternoon.


Swimmers making the best of airport time!











10:00am EST: On our way to Denver!  Flight is ready to go.

Day 1: Diverted

 We hit a bit of a snag.  First and foremost, the swimmers are safe and doing fine.


On our way – so we thought!

Our connection on the way to Colorado Springs was scheduled for Houston.  They had significant weather issues that closed the airport.  Therefore, our flight was diverted to Oklahoma City airport.  That is where we are. Due to the back up that the weather caused in Houston, our first/best available flight option is for tomorrow (Tuesday 4/19) morning.  I have been in contact with the Olympic Training Center and am keeping the up to date on our travel plans.
We are staying today and tonight at an airport hotel.  We have ordered pizza for lunch and will have Chinese for dinner.  We are trying to seek any reasonable local options for a light workout today of some sort, but travel is a little limited and options around the airport are somewhat limited as well.

Afternoon card game while we await lunch at the hotel.

We have encouraged the swimmers to use this unexpected down time for their studies.  We will also be having a group discussion tonight on swimming in college.  We have some in the group who have committed, some who have started the process, and others with just general questions about the process, as well coaches who have gone through the process as an athlete and helped their athletes.